Tuesday, May 11, 2010

You Can Take The Girl Out of New York

I promised myself I wouldn't be one of those bloggers who posts, just to post. I mean really, this isn't a lesson in creativity, it's something I have to do like eating cheese or drinking wine - I mean brushing my teeth or shaving my legs (anyway you get the idea - it's pretty much a necessity). I tell you that because I'm ashamed of myself for not writing in the last few weeks.

So here we are - by now you realize (because all you do is keep track of me and my life) that I've moved back to Seattle from New York - and am still in denial about it. Seriously, no matter which eye I close that Space Needle is NOT morphing into the Empire State Building; all it does is move a little left or right:

Only half of me is officially IN Seattle because most of my furniture, a few x-boyfriends and some odds and ends are scattered from the Upper West Side to Brooklyn Heights with a few crumbs still layin' around the streets of Chelsea. I shouldn't sound so nostalgic though, really - I mean let's face it I complained about New York as much as I am beginning to complain about Seattle (I'm rarely fully content). Truth is my meat IS here - clothes, friends, family and favorite weiner dog so I am grateful for that.

As I begin to bring the rest of my heart and soul back to the Emerald city, fully aware of it's resistance, I'm doing my best to employ Grace (let's not forget it IS my word for the year). I, believe it or not, fully restrain myself when faced with a crosswalk that in any other city would welcome a saunter through; (red light and all). I've honked my horn only a handful of times even though Seattlelites insist upon merging when EVER they feel like it and I smile at the Barista who genuinely wants to know how my day is; no matter how early I've arrived at the shop.

All in all I'm sewing the experience of these two cities together and soon will cross out the New York and become The Only Livin' Girl in New York Seattle. But bear with me because it might take a little more time.

Meanwhile - I've decided to take a photo a week of my new life here. Which will likely be more interesting when I visit New York in June - ok, I'll stop. But really, a photo a week of my life no matter where I end up...promise.

{space needle photo taken by the wonderful Kristen Gill: check her out here!}


Playing Outside... said...

I prefer "the only livin' girl." Let's leave it open ended! xo

Chuck Hawks said...

So that's why you were so quiet...
I was wondering when you were going to shed a little more light on the move. ;-)

How about "The Only Livin' Girl on Earth" ? That would pretty much cover you, no matter where you are. 8-D